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What you need to know before considering Interstate Relocations

On average we conduct around 50 interstate removals services from Brisbane and back to all over Australia a year. We offer both on demand and backloading services depending on customer demand. Through experience we can tell you how important it is for you and us to be prepared if you plan on moving a whole house or even just a few items interstate.

Moving interstate or a long distance can be very stressful as the most vital piece of advice we offer our customers is be prepared. The more prepared you are and the more information you have, the easier the interstate removal will be. Take the time to do your research on the best option for you as well as the removal company you wish to use. Look at reviews from prior customers, take the time to talk to the removalist, ask questions and negotiate.

cropped-Anytime-Removals-Brisbane-65m3-Truck.jpgWhen moving interstate you should decide what type of service you are looking for and what is most important to you.

On Demand- Cost is always a factor however you want a quality service dedicated to your move that fits within your time constraints. If this is you then you are looking for a standalone smaller company like Anytime Furniture Removals. By electing a smaller company you can be sure to get a more competitive quote and with a higher quality service. Getting an on demand interstate removals service means moving within your preferred timeline, having a truck and crew dedicated to your move and a smaller turn around time to receive your goods. You should always check but this type of service should also include at least your basic insurances, In Transit and Public Liability.

Backloading- Is a very cost effective way of moving goods long distances however it has it’s downfalls. If you opt for backloading you generally must work within the parameters that suit the removalist and very rarely will it include any insurance protection for your goods. Backloads are generally charged at a discounted rate calculated by cubic meter. You may also be asked to collect your own goods from depot and might be waiting days to receive the goods as the removalist prioritises based on what suits their run. Goods are rarely packed, tied and secured and often arrive damaged as a lot of backloading companies use inexperienced removalists and backpackers. Anytime Furniture Removals does conduct backloads and unlike other removals companies we use experienced operators and do try our best to work with you to ensure you get the best service we can offer by constantly communicating with our customers.

Container or Large national removals companies- Anytime Furniture Removals does not operate like these removals companies. Larger national companies and container companies may use many different operators and drivers to relocated your goods as well as storing and truck/container swapping throughout the process of your move. What does this mean? The more your goods are handled the more likely they are to get damaged and unfortunately the less likely it is that someone will take responsibility.

Anytime Furniture Removals is a one stop shop in that we are Brisbane’s experts in local and interstate removals. We can provide fixed price interstate and long distance moves that can include boxes and all your packing materials. We offer backloading and on demand services where in transit and public liability insurances come standard and we even offer loading and unloading insurance for that extra piece of mind. You can be guaranteed with Anytime Furniture Removals that you will have the same experienced operators for the loading and unloading of your goods. We ensure a direct route turn around with no truck swapping and if you need storage for your goods we can even organise that too.