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Moving a Pool Table

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So, you have bought yourself a pool table… congratulations! Pool is a versatile sport as it can be a great way to relax, a fun bit of competition between mates and sometimes even a great conversation piece. Now that you’ve bought your table either new or second hand, you have to get it home, this can be a delicate and difficult task.

There are different sizes and style tables most commonly there are the 8×4 foot cheaper plywood tables, 7×3 and 8×4 foot 1 piece slate tables, 9×5 1 piece slate tables are rare whilst most 9×5 and 10×6 foot tables are 3 piece slate. The easiest way to tell how many pieces of slate there are on your pool table is to run you fingers under the table on the longest side between the slate and the wood and if it is 3 pieces you should feel a break about a third then two thirds down the table. When moving a Pool Table it is important to know what type of table you have to ensure that the right people are on the job!

Before you try to move your table you need to know what you have and how to move it. If you have a ply board table then you may be able to move it by yourself safely with a couple of friends as they tend to be more flexible and a lot lighter.

If you have a 1 piece slate table no matter the size we recommend getting professional help such as Anytime Furniture Removals who specialise in pool table, piano and heavy item relocations. The reason being is, not only are slate tables heavy (literally made of rock) but they are fragile. One wrong move and the slate could crack and there goes your new prized possession.